select image for details Later (1910-Present Day) Sterling Silver item number price
Set of six 5 " English solid sterling silver spoons with pointed bowls, Atkin Brothers, Sheffield 1931, 141mm, 150g.
originally intended for grapefruit but now more often used for ice cream
m7775 98
Antique English solid sterling silver fruit set with mother of pearl handles, James Deakin, Sheffield 1913, knives 160mm, total 1020g.
beautiful condition, never been used
m7774 reserved 198
Cased set of six 7" Windsor pattern silver handled tea knives, Mappin & Webb, Sheffield 1946, 178mm, total 372g. m7773 reserved 28
Cased antique English solid sterling silver Fiddle pattern coffee or teaspoons with claw grip sugar tongs, Gorham, Birmingham 1916, 110mm, silver 128g. m7772 58
Unusual and high quality 10 " antique English solid sterling silver mounted clear glass crumb scoop, London 1913, 270mm, total 470g. m7771 68
Highest quality pair of solid Britannia standard silver polygonal trencher salts, Tessiers Ltd., London 1957, 73mm, silver 285g. m7768 178
Cased set of six sterling silver pastry forks and tea knives, J. B. Chatterley, 1971/2, total 919g. m7767 128
Antique 7" Art Nouveau solid sterling silver bowl, Elkington & Co., Birmingham 1915, 177mm, 274g. m7766 198
High quality solid sterling silver condiment set complete with original spoons and hand made blue glass liners, silver 237g.
retailed by Asprey & Co. of New Bond Street, London
m7765 168
8" English solid sterling silver gravy boat, Atkin Bros., Sheffield 1929, 202mm, 330g.
holds 16 fl ozs or 450ml, great crest engraving
m7760 198
Smart little antique English sterling silver gilt tea caddy, C. S. Green, Birmingham 1913, 76mm, 109g. m7759 198
Beautifully cased and sumptuously gilded Edwardian solid sterling silver grape scissors, London 1908, 158mm, 92g. m7751 198
Highest quality set of 8 " sterling silver King's pattern fish knives and forks, Mappin & Webb, Sheffield 1975, 210mm, total 709g.
dishwasher safe
m7734 348
Superb 6 " English solid sterling silver gilt cigarette case, L. E. McCann, Birmingham 1922, 167mm, 310g.
gold initials 'JD'
m7729 198
Cased six solid sterling silver coffee spoons with bean terminals, Birmingham 1925, 104mm, spoons 35g. m7723 38
Antique English solid sterling silver mustard pot with a blue glass liner, ES Barnsley, Birmingham 1919, total 135g. m7673 48
Heavy 6" solid sterling silver sauce boat, Robert Stewart, Sheffield 1933, 155mm, 167g. m7660 88
Glasgow made 5 " solid sterling silver sauce boat, T.S. Cuthbert, Sheffield 1933, 146mm, 114g. m7659 68
High quality & heavy 3" Art Deco solid sterling silver 5-bar toast rack, Frank Cobb, Sheffield 1932, 78mm, 114g. m7658 98
4" sterling silver bottle coaster, P.H. Vogel, Birmingham 1971, 105mm, total 120g.
turned wood and felt bottom
m7651 68
5" solid sterling silver bottle coaster with turned wood and felt base, MC Hersey, London 1985, 130mm, total 133g. m7649 88
Pair 5" solid sterling silver wine bottle coasters commemorating the 2000 millennium, W.I. Broadway, Birmingham 2000, 128mm, total 344g. m7646 168
5" sterling silver wine taster, Anthony Gordon Elson, London 1977, 125mm, 118g.
highest quality, limited edition,
m7643 198