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Later (1910-Present Day) Sterling Silver item number price
Very good and useful pair of 7 " vintage George I (1714-27) style English loaded sterling silver candlesticks, D. J. Silver Repairs, London 1973, 186mm, total 893g. m8527  298
Very good 10" antique English solid sterling silver salver, Thomas Bradbury, Sheffield 1918, 258mm, 624g.
no engraving or erasure, heavy metal
m8516 498 
10" vintage high grade solid silver salver, 258mm, 436g. m8515 278
Good quality 4" antique English Georgian style solid sterling silver tea caddy with bat's wing decoration, Thomas Bradbury, London 1911, 98mm, 267g. m8511 398 
Good 8" vintage English solid sterling silver salver, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1924, 205mm, 321g.
no engraving or erasure
m8508 298
Useful 6" vintage English solid sterling silver shell form nut dish, Frank Cobb, Sheffield 1985, 151mm, 108g. m8503 98
Scarce pair of vintage English Art Deco sterling silver bottle stoppers/pourers, Sampson Mordan & Co., London 1931. m8499 598
Very good and nicely detailed 3" Italian solid sterling silver model trumpet, Menegatti Fratelli of Vicenza, London import 1993, 76mm, 17g. m8483 68
Heavy 6 " vintage English solid sterling silver bowl, Edward Barnard, London 1912, 174mm, 278g.
free optical illusion
m8481 198
Very good 6 " solid sterling silver vase with chequer pattern piercing, loaded base and the original high quality blue glass liner, Joseph Gloster, Birmingham 1921, 160mm, total 183g. m8473 68
Pair 2 " vintage German silver salt spoons, the bowls of 20 pfennig coins. m8467 12
Pair 2 " vintage solid sterling silver salt spoons TASMANIA, 66mm, 7g. m8466 12
Two antique English solid sterling silver thimbles, size 7 Charles Horner Chester 1907, size 9 James Swann Birmingham 1913. m8450 18
Unusual antique sterling silver sovereign case, William Hair Haseler, Birmingham 1913, 31mm, 14g. m8447 68
Miniature Continental solid silver? 20mm, 16g. m8446 18
Very good 5 " vintage glass sugar caster with pierced solid sterling silver top, Roberts & Dore, London 1968, 132mm, total 338g.
interesting demibubbles to cut glass
m8438 38 
Useful set of four small but chunky vintage English silver PLATED Hanoverian pattern spoons with gilded bowls. Probably intended as salt spoons. m8437 28
1 " vintage solid sterling silver round bell key ring, Turner & Simpson, Birmingham 1973, 40mm, 45g.
with the rare
c c bicentenary assay mark
 m8436  68
Good quality English solid sterling silver baluster mug, Francis Howard, Sheffield 1977, 91mm, 116g.
no engraving or erasure, suitable christening gift
m8433 128
Vintage Danish solid silver preserve spoon, H. Danielsens, Copenhagen 1963, 138mm, 23g. m8428 18
Chunky antique English solid sterling silver cigarette case, Birmingham 1923, 85mm, 83g. m8413 88
Good pair of 10+" vintage loaded sterling silver candlesticks, WI Broadway, Birmingham 1971, 257mm, total 1190g. m8403 238
Two antique or vintage English solid sterling silver small but interesting spoons. m8395 28
Cased 9" limited edition 858/2000 vintage English solid sterling silver plate commemorating the marriage of Princess Anne & Mark Phillips on 14th November 1973, 228mm, silver 378g. m8379 268
Pair of heavy vintage solid sterling silver octaform dishes with engraved signatures, H. Phillips, London 1934, 84mm, 179g.  m8373 98
Very good 12 " vintage English solid sterling silver Hanoverian with Rat-Tail pattern soup ladle, John Round, Sheffield 1924, 315mm, 279g. m8365 198
2" charmingly modelled and nicely detailed vintage cast solid silver animalier of a pig, 50mm, 47g. m8335 168
3 " magnificent and superbly detailed vintage cast solid silver animalier of a seated dog greyhound, Edward Barnard & Sons, London 1975, 88mm, 173g. m8334 898
3 " charming vintage hollow solid silver animalier of an antelope on stand with a polished body, 86mm, 61g. m8331 28
Good and useful pair of 5" vintage English solid sterling silver bottle/decanter coasters, Nat Joseph, London 1966, 130mm, total 332g. m8327 198
Vintage 3 " English solid sterling silver 5-bar toast rack, Charles S. Green, Birmingham 1965, 82mm, 75g. m8324 78
Good vintage solid sterling silver mounted photograph frame with rococo and cherub decoration, Keyford Frames Ltd., London 1984, total 206g.
photo size 3 ", 94mm
m8291 48
Impressive pair of 5 " solid sterling silver champagne bottle coasters, R.E. Porter, Birmingham 1989, 138mm, total 431g. m8286 248
Good set of six vintage Art Deco style English solid sterling silver teaspoons, Emile Viner, Sheffield 1964, 117mm, 95g. m8249 68
7 " William IV style vintage English solid sterling silver large and heavy two handled solid sterling silver sugar bowl with a fully gilded interior, Cooper Bros, Sheffield 1913, 192mm, 346g. m8221 228
Very good solid sterling silver mounted Art Nouveau style portrait photograph frame featuring a butterfly, Ray Hall, Birmingham 2004.
photo size 5", 127mm x 3 ", 96mm
m8174 98
High quality 6" vintage English solid sterling silver Georgian style baluster form spice caster with a flame finial, Cooper Brothers, London 1966, 154mm, 126g. m8049 98
Beautiful 5" sterling silver wine taster, Anthony Gordon Elson, London 1977, 125mm, 118g.
highest quality, limited edition, work of art
m7643 168