select image for details Later (1910-Present Day) Sterling Silver item number price
Solid 800 silver 'Souvenir of Ceylon' teaspoon with enamel decoration. m7717 18
Six 9 " sterling silver handled Hanoverian pattern table knives with stainless steel blades, Cooper Brothers, Sheffield 1967, 242mm, total 344g.
dishwasher safe
m7708 168
Antique English solid sterling silver mustard pot with a blue glass liner, ES Barnsley, Birmingham 1919, total 135g. m7673 48
Beautiful and useful pair 3 " English silver mounted ebonised wood pepper mills, Hukin & Heath, Birmingham 1920, 98mm, 322g. m7670 298
Heavy 6" solid sterling silver sauce boat, Robert Stewart, Sheffield 1933, 155mm, 167g. m7660 88
Glasgow made 5 " solid sterling silver sauce boat, T.S. Cuthbert, Sheffield 1933, 146mm, 114g. m7659 68
High quality & heavy 3" Art Deco solid sterling silver 5-bar toast rack, Frank Cobb, Sheffield 1932, 78mm, 114g. m7658 98
Glasgow made 8" solid sterling silver pedestal dish or tazza, Birmingham 1933, 206mm, 258g. m7655 148
4" sterling silver bottle coaster, P.H. Vogel, Birmingham 1971, 105mm, total 120g.
turned wood and felt bottom
m7651 68
Pair 5" solid sterling silver bottle coasters with turned wood and felt bases, M.C. Hersey, London 1987, 126mm, total 262g. m7650 178
5" solid sterling silver bottle coaster with turned wood and felt base, MC Hersey, London 1985, 130mm, total 133g. m7649 98
Pair 5" solid sterling silver wine bottle coasters commemorating the 2000 millennium, W.I. Broadway, Birmingham 2000, 128mm, total 344g. m7646 198
Nice quality 5" solid sterling silver bowl with embossed and engraved decoration to the base featuring two lions passant guardant, 125mm, 142g. m7644 88
5" sterling silver wine taster, Anthony Gordon Elson, London 1977, 125mm, 118g.
highest quality, limited edition,
m7643 248
Pair 4 " solid sterling silver wine bottle coasters with turned mahogany and felt bases, Braybrook & Britten, London 2001, 116mm, total 288g.
never used, original packaging, cost today 575
m7630 198
2 " English solid sterling silver caddy spoon with a hand pierced stem, Mappin & Webb, London 1945, 69mm, 19g. m7609 48
5 " sterling silver mounted circular photograph frame, Birmingham 1989, 140mm, total 175g. m7607 58