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Victorian (1837-1901) Silver &
Edwardian (1901-1910) Silver
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10 " Button Hook, Art Nouveau sterling silver, Birmingham 1908, Deakin & Francis, 263mm, total 69g. m8946 28
Pretty and cased set of six 5 " vintage French gilded silver teaspoons, 139mm. m8945 128
7 " Cased Butter Knife, Engraved Hanoverian Pattern, Victorian Silver Sheffield 1891, 188mm, silver 39g. m8943 48
Aesthetic Movement Grape Scissors, London 1893, Edward Hutton, 182mm, 97g. m8930 268
Four 10 " Old English & Thread Table Knives, Scarce Original Victorian, London 1853, George Adams, Blades Garrard, 269mm, total 378g. m8927 268
Four 8" Dessert/Side Knives, Antique Sterling Silver Handles and Blades, Sheffield 1844, 204mm, total 204g. m8918 148
Sifter Ladle, Art Nouveau, Sheffield 1907, James Deakin, 108mm, 16g. m8912 28
Five Hanoverian Three Tine Dessert/Salad Forks, Sheffield 1909, Mappin & Webb, 165mm, 266g. m8906 248
Six Hanoverian with Rat Tail Dessert Spoons, London 1874/85/96, 174mm, 294g. m8904 248
Six Hanoverian with Rat Tail Table Spoons, London 1874, George Adams, 207mm, 404g. m8903 398
Basting/Gravy/Stuffing Spoon, Hanoverian With Rat Tail, Sheffield 1903, Walker & Hall, 324mm, 191g. m8902 168
Unusual Tea Caddy, Gilded Interior, Birmingham 1904, Levi & Salaman, 86mm, 141g. m8889 368
Six 7 " Dessert Spoons, Queen's, London 1862, Francis Higgins III, 187mm, 376g.
plus two free plated examples
m8886 348
5 +" Sugar Tongs, Queens Pattern, London 1890, 144mm, 53g. m8885 38
Pair 7 " Butter Knives, Queen's Pattern, Sheffield 1869, 189mm, total 88g. m8884 98
Pair 7 " Sauce Ladles, Queen's, Francis Higgins III, 185mm, 157g. m8882 168
4 " Salt Spoon, Queen's Victorian Silver, Charles Boyton, London 1845, 113mm, 26g. m8881 28
1 " Napkin Ring, Birmingham 1890, 45mm, 20g. m8866 38
Vinaigrette, Silver Gilt, Taylor & Perry, Birmingham 1844, 39mm, 21g. m8852 178
Toast Rack, 7-bar, William Evans, London 1890, 137mm, 221g. m8843 228 
4" Flour Dredger, Thomas Bradbury, Sheffield 1902, 103mm, 182g.  m8838 148
Sampson Mordan reproduction Early Georgian Silver Mote Spoon, London 1880s, 140mm, 15g. m8836 228
Magnificent silver 7-bar toast rack, Elkington & Co., Birmingham 1878, 181mm, 282g. m8829 298
Unusual Sugar Nips, Cast Sterling Silver, Thomas Hayes, Birmingham 1897, 126mm, 34g. m8822 48
Unusual Rococo Silver Sugar Nips, London 1893, 125mm, 28g. m8821 48
Christening tankard with gilded interior, Edward & John Barnard, London 1867, 89mm, silver 187g. m8772 348 
Good 7" Scottish antique Victorian sterling silver King's pattern butter knife, Rob & Whittet, Edinburgh 1855, 181mm, 46g. m8768 38
Cased set of six 4 " Old English coffee spoons and sugar tongs with gilded bowls, Henry Williamson, Sheffield 1895, 115mm, silver 89g. m8762 98
Beautiful 3 " English Victorian solid sterling silver heart form box with a gilded and velvet lined interior, William Comyns, London 1893, 86mm, total 107g. m8711 148
Very unusual and superb quality set of six large antique English Victorian solid sterling silver Old English pattern butter knives, Charles Boyton II, London 1897, 208mm, 348g. m8700 268
Antique English Edwardian solid sterling silver reproduction of a 17th century porringer, the bowl inset with 1689 William & Mary half crown, Thomas Bradbury, Sheffield 1908, 166mm, 172g. m8689 148
3 " antique Edwardian English solid sterling silver faithful reproduction of 1730's cream jug, Charles Boyton III, London 1901, 86mm, 153g. m8681 98
Pair 5 " Candlesticks, Victorian Sterling Silver, London 1893, 133mm, total 767g. m8638 298
6 " Antique English Edwardian solid sterling silver octagonal caster, Horace Woodward, London 1905, 158mm, 122g. m8615 78
High quality, heavy 5 " antique English Edwardian solid sterling silver 7-bar toast rack, George Howson, Sheffield 1907, 144mm, 359g. m8491 298
Six 10 " antique English early Victorian table knives with pitch loaded sterling silver Old English Thread and Shell pattern handles and new taper point satin finish stainless steel blades, Aaron Hadfield, Sheffield circa 1840, 268mm, total 550g. m8387 298
5 " antique English Edwardian solid sterling silver Old English pattern mustard ladle, A. Willis, Birmingham 1902, 137mm, 17g.
no engraving or erasure
m8322 18
Pair 4" antique English Victorian solid sterling silver gilt Fiddle pattern salt spoons, Charles Boyton, London 1841, 103mm, 26g. m7957 48
Large and scarce antique English Victorian sterling silver Old English Thread & Shell pattern carving set, Francis Higgins II, London 1857, 14 ", 364mm, 327g.
new stainless steel blade & tines
m7938 168

Superb set of antique English Victorian sterling silver handled Shell pattern table knives with original steel blades by Hunt & Roskell, Francis Higgins, London 1857, 272mm.
more available plus matching carvers

m7900 480 for six
High quality antique English Victorian solid sterling silver double struck Albert with thread heel pattern salt spoon with a gilded bowl, SH.DC, London 1847, 110mm, 28g.
pleasant frontal crest engraving
m7883 28