DESCRIPTION Six antique English early Victorian table knives with pitch loaded sterling silver Old English Thread and Shell pattern handles and new taper point satin finish stainless steel blades. The handles have a crest to one side and one handle is larger than the others so was probably the carving fork handle originally. This set would also work well with Fiddle Thread & Shell pattern flatware.
SILVERSMITH Aaron Hadfield
DATE or HALLMARK circa 1840, no date letter
WEIGHT in GRAMS total 550
LENGTH 5 x 10 ", 268mm; 1 x 10 ", 274mm
SILVER STANDARD 925 sterling silver
CONDITION good, crest a bit rubbed as is the shell decoration, blades do not appear to have been used, some collars have small repairs, usual little surface marks and bumps commensurate with normal use. Best not to clean pitch loaded knives in a hot dishwasher because the blades can move out of the handles and will require resetting.

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