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Later (1910-Present Day) silver
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Set of six 7 " silver Old English pattern round bowl soup spoons, Sheffield 1947, 198mm, 403g.
no engraving or erasure
m6690 280
5" heavy silver ash tray, Goldsmiths & Silversmiths, London 1949, 127mm, 200g.
engraved '7'
m6689 100
10 " silver swing handled bread basket with shell decorated top rim, Atkin Brothers, Sheffield 1910, 260mm, 568g. m6678 260
Cased silver two piece child's set featuring cherub decoration, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1913, 143mm, silver 52g. m6677 75
Solid silver sugar bowl and matching cream jug, S Blanckensee & Sons, Birmingham 1925, 100mm, 185g. m6674 145
Good silver sugar caster, Harrods, London 1928, 168mm, 168g. m6672 150
Six 5 " silver gilt 'The Sovereign Queens Spoon Collection', John Pinches, Sheffield 1977, 140mm, silver 151g. m6667 120
6 " solid silver porringer with serpent handles, Martin Hall, Sheffield 1922, 136mm, 158g. m6662 95
6 " solid silver two handled pedestal bowl, Davenport, Birmingham 1937, 160mm, 156g. m6661 80
2 " silver Hanoverian pattern mustard ladle, George Howson, Sheffield 1911, 71mm, 5g. m6657 20
6 " solid silver round bowled spoon with a pierced terminal, Charles Boyton, London 1936, 163mm, 44g. m6648 35
Mid 18th century style solid silver tripod baluster cream jug, London 1973, 106mm, 123g. m6646 85
3" oval silver trinket box, A&J Zimmerman, Birmingham 1915, 78mm, 74g. m6639 125
Silver sparrow beak cream jug in 1750s style, Joseph Gloster, Birmingham 1970, 89mm, 103g. m6638 85
6 " solid silver two handled pedestal dish, William Neale, Birmingham 1927, 156mm, 146g. m6631 75
Large and heavy silver condiment set, Roberts & Belk, Sheffield 1969, silver 372g. m6629 225
Set of four silver 4" clover leaf dishes, J B Chatterley, London 1930, 100mm, 129g. m6627 125
Twelve piece silver Old English pattern dessert service, Brewis & Co, London 1914, 613g.
frontal 'n' engraving
m6620 265
Heavy set of six nautical interest silver gilt napkin rings, Birmingham 1992, 57mm, 212g. m6592 140
Good quality 3 " 5-bar silver toast rack, William Hutton, Sheffield 1932, 90mm, 129g. m6555 70
Pair 6 " silver sauce boats, George Nathan & Ridley Hayes, Chester 1913, 512g.
California residents
m6263 350
5 " Swedish silver pedestal dish, Borgila, Stockholm 1952, 145mm, 173g. m6522 180