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Later (1910-Present Day) Silver
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3 " 5-bar toast rack, James Deakin, Sheffield 1926, 82mm, 63g. m6971 65
3 " 5-bar toast rack, James Deakin, Sheffield 1926, 82mm, 64g. m6970 65
3" Art Deco silver gilt cigarette case, Joseph Gloster, Birmingham 1935, 79mm, 74g. m6955 60
4" silver topped glass box, W J Myatt, Birmingham 1925, 98mm, silver 10g. m6954 15
Pretty 4 " silver topped glass box, Henry Matthews, Birmingham 1910, 111mm, silver 34g. m6953 95
11" solid silver tea pot, Barker Brothers, Chester 1924, 280mm, total 563g.
holds 40 fluid ounces or 1140ml
m6946 280
High quality solid silver napkin ring, Emile Viner, Sheffield 1936, 43mm, 32g.
engraved S.H.L.
m6943 30
High quality square solid silver napkin ring, Toghill, Birmingham 1935, 42mm, 27g.
engraved monogram DML, special Silver Jubilee mark
m6942 25
Pair of high quality solid silver napkin rings, Gieves, Birmingham 1936, 51mm, 64g.
engraved H-L
m6941 50
Large pair of pierced solid silver napkin rings, Gorham USA, 50mm, 38g.
initial engraved W or M and D
m6939 35
3" facetted glass jar with silver top, John Thompson, Birmingham 1920, 77mm, silver 10g. m6937 15
5 " solid silver large bottle or decanter coaster, MC Hersey, London 1991, 140mm, total 195g.
no engraving, button inset turned wood and felt bottom
m6936 100
5" solid silver Armada dish, Carrs, Sheffield 2006, 126mm, 94g.
m6935 100
4" solid silver Armada dish, Carrs, Sheffield 2000, 101mm, 54g.
inscription to base, millennium hallmark
m6934 50
Six 9 " silver handled King's pattern table knives, Carr's, Sheffield 2002, 245mm, total 479g.
no engraving, mirror finished finger point stainless steel blades, dishwasher safe
m6928 240
Six 10 " silver handled King's pattern table knives, Harrison & Howson, Sheffield 1938, 258mm, total 380g.
no engraving, parallel Alpha Rustless blades, dishwasher safe
m6927 200
High quality 9" 1760's style hot water pot, David Fullerton, London 1931, 228mm, total 489g.
holds 24 fluid ounces or 700ml
m6923 250
High quality 9 " 1760's style coffee pot, Walker & Hall, Birmingham 1966, 244mm, total 717g.
holds 1 pints or 850ml
m6904 380
Set of ten 10" silver handled table knives, George Howson, Sheffield 1930, 255mm, 674g.
dishwasher safe and stainless mirror finished parallel blades
m6901 400
2" silver double (1 + ) kidney shaped sovereign case, Birmingham 1912, 51mm, 25g. m6895 280
Pretty little solid silver napkin ring, William Broadway, Birmingham 1965, 50mm, 10g. m6864 12
5 " silver cigarette box, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1947, 136mm, total 431g.
no engraving or erasure
m6860 150
Five silver Hanoverian with Frontal Rib pattern coffee spoons, Emile Viner, Sheffield 1931, 100mm, 42g. m6854 35
Five silver Hanoverian with Frontal Rib pattern coffee spoons, Emile Viner, Sheffield 1933, 102mm, 41g. m6853 35
2 " Old English pattern salt spoon, James Swann, Birmingham 1939, 57mm, 3g. m6845 5
Pair solid silver salts with blue glass liners, Goldsmiths & Silversmiths, London 1922, 60mm, silver 71g. m6843 70
Pair silver 5-bar toast racks, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1930, 82mm, 140g. m6840 150
6 " silver cigarette box, Padgett & Braham, London 1929, 172mm, total 520g.
no engraving or erasure
m6839 140
Superb 11" silver comport, Williams Ltd, Birmingham 1920, 278mm, 669g. m6833 320
7 " pierced silver pedestal dish, A Taite, London 1962, 187mm, 192g. m6832 120
3" fancy silver gilt mustard ladle and salt spoon, Suckling Ltd, Birmingham 1950, 75mm, 12g. m6793 30
Cased set of six silver Old English pattern coffee spoons and sugar tongs, Atkin Brothers, Sheffield 1932, 111mm, silver 95g.
no engraving or erasure
m6787 80
Good silver mustard pot with blue glass liner and silver Hanoverian ladle, London 1934, 66mm, silver 126g. m6779 100
Pretty little pierced silver pedestal dish, Mappin & Webb, London 1918, 68mm, 98g. m6777 80
Cased set of six silver handled tea knives, H Hunt, Sheffield 1972, 168mm, 143g. m6775 50
Art Deco green enamel decorated silver gilt cigarette case, William Neale, Birmingham 1936, 84mm, 103g. m6767 170
Cased set of six 4 " silver coffee spoons, Sheffield 1943, 110mm, silver 77g. m6759 50
5 " Art deco silver toast rack with seven graduated bars, P J Finch, Birmingham 1936, 146mm, 212g. m6758 180
10 " silver Queen's pattern cake knife, Harrison Bros., Sheffield 1972, 264mm, total 59g. m6736 15
Set of six 7 " silver Old English pattern round bowl soup spoons, Sheffield 1947, 198mm, 403g.
no engraving or erasure
m6690 250
Good silver sugar caster, Harrods, London 1928, 168mm, 168g. m6672 100
Heavy set of six nautical interest silver gilt napkin rings, Birmingham 1992, 57mm, 212g. m6592 120
Pair 6 " silver sauce boats, George Nathan & Ridley Hayes, Chester 1913, 512g.
California residents
m6263 350