select image for details Later (1910-Present Day) Silver item number price
6" solid silver sugar bowl, William Hutton, Sheffield 1914, 148mm, 174g.
engraved military inscription
m7228 90
Art Deco 7 " solid silver trophy cup, Charles Boyton, London 1921, 192mm, 174g.
engraved inscription
m7227 90
Eight various silver gilt souvenir spoons, total 108g. m7222 60
5 " solid silver jam or preserve spoon, J Rodgers, Sheffield 1930, 136mm, 31g. m7220 30
5 " solid silver Old English pattern preserve spoon, Robert Pringle, Sheffield 1917, 131mm, 17g.
no engraving or erasure
m7219 20
Four various German solid silver decorative spoons. m7216 45
Finest quality 7 " silver cigarette box, Mappin & Webb, London 1976, 180mm, total 853g. m7194 425
High quality solid silver sixteen piece canteen of Hanoverian with Rat Tail pattern comprising of four each of table spoons, dessert spoons, table forks, dessert forks, Frank Cobb, Sheffield 1930, 1128g.
nice crest engraving
m7193 675
Highest quality 6 " solid silver William III style cylindrical caster, Barker Brothers, Birmingham 1937, 158mm, 191g. m7192 160
Pair 5" solid silver decanter coasters with silver button inset turned wood bases and felt bottoms, London 1991, 130mm, 266g. m7191 195
5 " silver cigarette box, W H Manton, Birmingham 1954, 128mm, total 350g.
no engraving or erasure
m7183 120
5 " solid silver Charles I style wine goblet with a gilded interior, A Haviland-Nye, London 1969, 144mm, 180g.
initial engraving
m7153 180
5 " solid silver James I style wine goblet with a gilded interior, A Haviland-Nye, London 1970, 146mm, 168g.
initial 'N' engraving
m7152 180
High quality 7 " solid silver neo classical two handled pedestal bowl, William Hutton, Sheffield 1914, 182mm, 226g.
crest above motto
m7136 195
Highest quality 9 " solid silver Queen Anne style coffee pot & hot milk jug, J H Odell, London 1977, 248mm, 1044g. m7124 645
High quality 7 " solid silver coffee pot of classical form, CS Harris, London 1934, 198mm, 543g.
holds one pint two fluid ounces or 625ml
m7123 360
5" solid silver sugar basin with a gilded interior, George Howson, Sheffield 1928, 128mm, 202g.
cat crest engraving above a motto
m7119 150
13" stainless steel three piece carving set with silver King's pattern handles, JB Chatterley, Sheffield 1977, 334mm, total loaded silver 442g.
soldered joints so can be safely cleaned in a dishwasher
m7117 120
8 piece (4+4) solid silver Old English pattern fish service, Barker Brothers, Birmingham 1932, 202mm, 412g.
no engraving or erasure
m7104 260
Six 7" solid silver Old English pattern soup spoons, Gladwin, Sheffield 1929, 176mm, 337g.
frontal engraving
m7101 220
Twelve piece solid silver fish or dessert service, C W Fletcher, Sheffield 1931, 189mm, total 355g. m7065 180
Set of six 5" solid silver bead edge teaspoons, Wilmot Manufacturing, Birmingham 1928, 124mm, 102g. m7061 60
6 " solid silver Hanoverian pattern three tine fork, Gs&Ss, London 1913, 160mm, 39g.
monogram engraving verso
m7058 30
7" solid silver Hanoverian pattern three tine fork, Joseph Rodgers, Sheffield 1913, 178mm, 55g.
no engraving or erasure
m7056 40
Scarce pair of Chester made solid silver Hanoverian with Rat Tail pattern sauce ladles, Chester 1919, 172mm, 153g.
good frontal unicorn crest engraving
m7052 140
Pair 8 " solid silver Pointed Hanoverian pattern salad servers, John Grinsell, Birmingham 1911, 218mm, 97g.
no engraving or erasure
m7051 60
Set of six 4 " silver Hanoverian with Ribbon and Double Thread pattern coffee spoons, Cooper Brothers, Sheffield 1922, 107mm, 72g.
frontal initial engraving
m7050 60
10" repousse poultry shears, Kirk & Son, Baltimore USA, 255mm, total 322g. m7041 120
2 " Old English pattern salt spoon, James Swann, Birmingham 1939, 57mm, 3g. m6845 5
Pair silver 5-bar toast racks, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1930, 82mm, 140g. m6840 100
10 " silver Queen's pattern cake knife, Harrison Bros., Sheffield 1972, 264mm, total 59g. m6736 15