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Later (1910-Present Day) silver
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Heavy 6" silver Old English pattern cream ladle, Garrard & Co, Sheffield 1955, 54g. m6410 40
7" silver Old English pattern dessert spoon, Charles Allen, Sheffield 1937, 46g.
no engraving or erasure
m6391 30
7" silver Old English pattern dessert spoon, London 1930, 53g.
no engraving or erasure
m6390 30
Six 7 " solid silver King's pattern dessert spoons, Joseph Rodgers, Sheffield 1915-21, 382g.
no engraving or erasure
m6350 250
7 " silver Queen's pattern dessert spoon, George Howson, Sheffield 1958, 62g.
upturned terminal, no engraving or erasure
m6346 45
One 8 +" silver Fiddle & Thread pattern table spoon, Goldsmiths & Silversmiths, London 1919, average 97g.
frontal crest engraving, nine available
m6333 50 each
Heavy 10" square salver, Barker Brothers, Birmingham 1936, 696g.
no engraving or erasure
m6322 400
1 " silver 'VODKA' label, Harman Brothers, Birmingham 1967, 10g. m6271 30
13 " silver King's pattern five piece carving set, Frank Cobb, Sheffield 1959, total 660g.
no engraving or erasure, dishwasher safe
m6265 180