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Early (pre-1721) Silver

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SOLD Early (pre-1721) Silver

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5 " caster, Samuel Welder, London 1720, 130g. M4716 sold 500
Two 7 " solid silver gilt Hanoverian pattern 'Berry' spoons, London 1719, 1748, 197mm, 107g. m7528 sold 136
12 " Hanoverian basting spoon, Jacob Margas, London 1718, 110g. M4608 sold 450
7 " Hanoverian spoon, Lawrence Jones, London 1717, 43g.
original initials engraved verso
m6276 sold 95
7" Antique English early George I Britannia standard silver two-handled cup with a gilded interior, Thomas Port, London 1714, 176mm, 199g. m8399 sold 648
Four rat tail table spoons, Henry Greene, London 1711. M3282 sold 450
Scottish andiron tongs, Alexander Sympsone, Edinburgh 1710. M4063 sold 425
8 " marrow scoop, London 1709, 54g. M1895 sold 275
7" Swedish silver sup sked or supping spoon, Hans Sprinckhorn (active 1693-1715) 50g.
four generations of 18th century familial initials engraved verso
m6029 sold 380
6 " caster with bayonet top, Charles Adam, London 1708, 169g. m5128 sold 500
12 " Hanoverian basting spoon, John Ladyman, London 1708, 145g. m4819 sold 550
8 " marrow spoon with beaded rat tail, William Mathew I, London 1703, 212mm, 45g. m8792 sold 328
Trefid large spoon, John Elston, Exeter 1703. M4004 sold 245
9 " marrow scoop, Isaac Davenport, London 1703. M3482 sold 248
Pair 8" Dog Nose table spoons, Peter Harache, London 1699, 201mm, 143g.
frontal Green Man engraving, cipher verso
m7001 sold 750
Bleeding bowl, John Sutton, London 1698, 240g.
later decorated and converted to a sugar bowl
M4413 sold 495
Trefid spoon, Isaac Davenport, London 1698. M2530 sold 425
7" William III solid Britannia standard silver gilt Trefid spoon, William Mathew I, London 1697, 180mm, 61g. m7527 sold 359
Seal top spoon, William Scarlett, London 1697. M4030 sold 95