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DESCRIPTION Georgian silver punch ladle with embossed, chased and engraved decoration including; foliate, C scroll, rococo cartouche, rural buildings, trees, one cockerel, one chicken and several chicks. The silver feels so hard that my first impression was of silver plate although further investigation found the sterling hallmarks. This is how the silversmith intended it to be with the extra hardening giving the relatively thin metal great robustness and resistance to bumping whilst still keeping the item light enough for comfortable use. Later reworking of the metal will release this hardness leaving the bowl susceptible to bumps and feeling thin. The hard bowl is a good sign of originality. The hallmarks are clearly struck within the centre of the bowl although are a little disguised in the decoration. I have not been able to find the town mark but this combination can only be for Newcastle 1752. The style of decoration also fits this date perfectly. The brown hardwood handle (Georgian mahogany?) has broken towards the tip so be careful when inspecting the hallmarks as I have almost lost an eye twice.
SILVERSMITH The mark appears to have been struck into a plain bowl which was then embossed before being sent to assay for the rest of the marks. Exactly the correct order of works but the embossing has interrupted the makers mark and all I can see is a larger, rectangular punch with cut corners ?G. Actually I think the G may be a red herring with the middle serif coming from the decoration so it is much more likely to be ?C or possibly ?O.
DATE or HALLMARK 1752, very clear N within a shield.
WEIGHT in GRAMS 55 total.
SILVER STANDARD .925 sterling silver
OVERALL CONDITION very good and original for this type of item, several bumps mostly hidden by the decoration and there is a stable fracture to the stem/bowl joint.
FAULTS handle broken off towards the tip.
back 60 sold item number: m5163