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images to follow soon but click now for the details Four 9 " Scottish Georgian solid silver Fiddle pattern table/serving spoons, William Hannay, Edinburgh 1813, 240mm, 274g.
frontal monogram engraving
m7305 200
6" Scottish Georgian silver Oar pattern ladle, Andrew Wilkie, Edinburgh 1813, 152mm, 22g. m7254 18
Five 8 " Georgian silver Old English pattern table spoons, Newcastle 1787, Edinburgh 1794, 224mm, 328g.
frontal motto, crest & monogram engraving
m7210 195
11 " Georgian Scottish solid silver Fiddle pattern fish server, John McDonald, Edinburgh 1808, 298mm, 118g. m7160 78
5" Scottish Victorian solid silver bead edge Old English pattern sugar tongs, WG Taylor, Glasgow 1877, 125mm, 39g.
monogram engraving to bow
m7070 30
sold Scottish Silver